Support group in the aftermath of the loss of a baby

  • Infertility is a very big thing for a woman when they could not conceive naturally even though with lots of medication. For them, IVF is a magical blessing of God.

    Bio Tex Com is the best in this service. My advice is to stay stronger and miracles happen when you least expect it. I had two embryos left from our IVF Cycle, with no magic and…[Read more]

  • It is almost in the depressive situation because I miscarriage my baby 3 times. I am 30 years old now. TTC with normal was not possible. We try to go for a IUI and EGG donation IVF. Every period was like mourning a baby. I expect but go to sad ends.
    One day I Found an advertisement in the newspaper and consult them at for the last try. They…[Read more]

  • The day came when my ultrasound examination of the baby came. Today doctors hear me with the heartbeat of my baby in the womb. Wow feeling to hear a voice of universe.
    The doctor gave reports will all good going. I Pray to Lord, help me in future also.

  • Due to changes in the hormonal inside, I felt discomfort with my body, though I have to take care and took food on time. It is somewhat kind of odd feeling of not to talk with any people around me, I slept with my husband still I wiped in the night by feeling alone, bleeding in the washroom and negative thinking came of missing a baby again.

    I…[Read more]

  • IVF is a good option where our researchers are ends in natural ways to conceive. My DH and I also tested an option of surrogacy, but we got failed in that too.
    Then we were suggested by our friend’s group to try for IVF then other tricks. And no doubt it’s positive at Bio Tex com clinic. They used IVF with other’s egg donation in my case.

  • One day on the internet surfing for infertility clinics, I saw an advertisement of Bio Tex Com clinic, which is well expert in IVF and IUI treatment and help mothers to conceive a baby with succession ratio.

    I immediately call to my DH and told about this. Next morning we have booked a flight to Ukraine, and then we approach to a doctor and ask…[Read more]

  • It is much costlier to me as compared to IUI I did it 2 times. However, So happy with to see now I had a kid with IVF treatment, and my kid is healthy too.

  • I am feeling lucky that I made up my mind to conceive a baby through IVF with ICSI treatment with a fresh washed sperm eggs. My husband suffers from the low count and unhealthy sperm. So doctors asked me to go with donor’s freeze Egg process. One time it goes fail, Second time I had success. I am glad to announce that I am pregnant with 5 w…[Read more]

  • Hey people, It is really a good news that I am positive with reports; It is been successful to have a baby in my life. I am so much happy to let you all know about it. I am Feeling excited, curious, for next appointment with doctors for a check-up. With the help of Egg Donation treatment, my uterus able to conceive. First, found side effects like…[Read more]

  • Bio Tex Com clinic is so much famous for Egg Donation IVF treatments thus I advise people just stop trying somewhere else, and get solved with your infertility with this clinic at Ukraine.

  • It’s like 5 weeks done. All reports are normal with my baby inside. IVF has really a great good step towards infertility. They have good data hub for donors as well as patients. They serve with fresh cells and under 48 hours of full observance of eggs, it directly injected t into the womb. In addition, I got pregnant.

  • I have 4 to 5 IUI treatments, when with no success in that my OB GYN asks me to go for IVF, which is more possibly successive to conceive. I also agreed with her to take one more chance with this. We used to live in Poland, so we started looking for a nearby clinic. Then we choose one clinic at Ukraine, which is so famous and popular for…[Read more]

  • After so many treatments, I passed out and finally have a healthy and cute daughter. I suffered from Ectopic pregnancy with one fallopian tube. I suggested adopting a baby. But my husband wanted to have a baby through IVF so first doctors had a treatment of uterus transplant in me successfully. Later on, I carry my pregnancy after so many hurdles.…[Read more]

  • Almost 6 years passed of our married life. Yet I was unable to conceive naturally or else with donor egg treatment.

    I referred many forums and community of infertility. Can anyone help me out what should I go for??????????? Which is better IVF or IUI?

  • Me & my DH Mr. Farhan – started a family together and had been trying for a baby for 2 years with an unsuccessful result. Many of herbal medicines we tried but no positive outcome.

    One day we came to know about IVF babies from my friend’s relative. They had 2 kids from this treatment. I just hope it worked for me too. At least we had our one.

  • Finally my days back to me. In the morning when I woke up, my doctor’s called up to come to the clinic for next important stage. Very happy at that time, do you know why? Because to my fertilized eggs were about to transfer in my womb.
    My heartbeat goes fast and fast when they took me the operation theatre.

  • IVF 5# was very tough for me to tolerate because I have already suffered from bad bleeding in my menstrual cycle from last 3 months. It was completely a side effect of this failed IVF treatment by normal clinical doctors.

    When we did check up to RE at the famous clinic, they told us to take again the chance of IVF with ICSI which will be on a…[Read more]

  • A very big day of mine stage 4#. Egg Collection procedure was to happen. I was curious and nervous too. It seems to be so difficult in starting but as I went to treatment theater, it is easily finished. They did egg collection through the help of a needle and mixed up with sperms in the lab. It gets cultured till 15 to 20 hours.

    I am waiting for…[Read more]

  • Tomorrow is my appointment with the doctor.

    Very excited and tensed. Wish me luck to all positive.

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