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Need Advice on Embryos

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    I am 29 and DH is 34. I have recently gone through the first IVF cycle. Incidentally I am PCOS/hypothyroid. We have had about 18 eggs collected of which 12 have been fertilized with ICSL. 5 embryos have been biopsied, frozen and PGS tested. 4 are normal. Need advice now on how many to transfer. My RE recommended one but wouldn’t mind doing 2. Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hello Loretta @loretta65. Welcome to our family.

    I think 2 is a good number to transfer too.

    Why is your RE suggesting one anyway?

    cc: @nicole @bosa @bibi @pearl @uloma


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    Welcome to our family, dear Loretta @loretta65  :friends: . I would recommend 2, at the very least. Are they blastocysts?

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    @loretta65: Just as @oluwakemine said earlier, two embryos is good number to transfer but I trust your RE will recommend 1 due to PCOS/Hypothyroidism and Age.

    Where are you cycling at? In Africa or abroad(where).**Medical ethics will also play a role depending on country.**

    Also, if you suggest to your RE about your wishes of transfering two embryos he/she might agree but note that he/she will let you know that you are at risk for conceiving multiples and multiples means you have medical indications.**I assume you understand based on your narrative.**

    Feel free to ask further questions and hoping to read from you soonest. Wishing you all the best and success.

    cc: @nicole @bosa @bibi  @uloma

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    Welcome to our community @loretta65. according to my ex-RE, a recent research  shows that transferring one or two improves success rate. And like @pearl said, medical ethics has a major role. :dust:   :dust:   :dust:

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    I would say 2 is good number for the transfer and it also improves success rate. Wishing you all the best and good luck.

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    This is one area that you have to take a decision with your husband. Would you be comfortable bringing up two babies at a time? When you transfer 2 especially PGS tested embryos, you have a high chance of having twins. I have done so. I have transferred 2 on the first FET and will be doing the same shortly again. I am OK with twins. Only you two can be the final authority in this regard.

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    Thank you ladies @bibi @saurab015 @pearl @nicole and David @davidcurtis91. :heart:   :heart:

    Meanwhile, sending loads of  :dust: and sticky wishes you way, when you decide to cycle David. Let’s know, so we can cheer you on

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    Welcome to our community @loretta65. May you get a :bfp: whatever decision you take. Also wishing you loads of sticky wishes

    :dust:   :dust:

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    It’s a decision best taken by you and DH. You will naturally be tempted to transfer two embryos since you have been trying so long to have a baby and what better than to get double joy at a time? However, I feel that since you have 4 normal embryos and you are a healthy 20+ with time on your hands, it is advisable to have one at a time. You never know how many children you will want to have in all in your lifetime.

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    Stacy Gerhart

    Good luck to you. Yes, the risk of multiples is definitely higher than having twins. You still have age on your side and can go for further IVF cycles in future. It is advisable not to take extra pressure the first time around. Good luck again!

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