Fertility Clinics Pricing Information

As a continuation of our Fertility Clinic ranking, we had earlier promised to share pricing information with you all. It turns out that getting this information felt like pulling one’s teeth with many of the clinics. This article pretty much give you a rundown of what it felt like with each clinic.

Getting this information was a project started last year December. We started by sending out emails to the clinics, and we didn’t get a response from most, except for the few that were keen to share with us from the get-go, like Olive Branch, Georges Memorial. When the e-mail approach failed, we resorted to calling the clinics one after the other and that was when it got interesting. Here’s how it went!

St Ives Specialist Clinic: Very interesting conversations I had with the last front desk person I spoke with. She wanted me to send a snail mail addressed to the clinic administrator requesting for the information I wanted. Note that I said snail mail not email…meaning a typed, or maybe even hand written letter! I was surprised at that request in this age and time.

She gave me an email address but warned that the mail might not be attended to. True to her prediction, I never got a response.

Roding Fertility clinic: When I called this clinic, the lady I spoke to was quite courteous and gave as much information as she could, which was just the registration and consultation fee. When next I called, I was able to speak with a nurse, who gave me the figure for their IVF and some other costs. It was made clear that cost of treatments were often determined by the results of the preliminary investigations, hence there were no definite costs.

The Bridge: Now, this was one clinic that I did not have to stress myself about. One call and I was directed to their website, where all the information about procedures and their costs were listed. It was quite convenient.

Peace Care clinic: It was a real pleasure to talk to Dr. Siddiq, who had a nice Northern accent that almost sounded foreign. Sweet! She actually spelt her name for me. When I called and explained the reason behind my call. She provided me with all the information, I wanted, pertaining their services.

She even asked me to call back, so she could make some calculations for me. When I sent a text later in the day, regarding the calculations she said she wanted to make, she replied with the answers I wanted almost immediately. I was impressed! Not many people did I get quick answers from, not even when I called. It was during that call that I found that that they do not offer IVF yet.

She said their assisted reproduction services were limited to IUI for now, but that they were looking to set up their IVF clinic as soon as was possible.

Nisa Premier Hospital: I spoke with a nurse, when I called and she gave me the information I needed, with the proviso that the costs of procedures were not static, but based on the need of the patient involved. That was pretty much the trend with most for the clinics.

National Hospital Abuja: I sent an email to the address provided on the website of the clinic. Yet to get any response, by the way. I then called the number listed for the Coordinator of their IVF Centre, and he gave me the figures of IUI and IVF in the centre, but said I would need to come in person to get the costs of registration and assessments.

Deda hospital: At first, I sent an email to the email address of the contact person for the clinic, Dr. Sunday Onuh. When I called the next day, he said he got the mail and would respond the next day. Let’s just say, I’m still waiting for his email and his line is permanently busy.

Fusion Nest: I had the most drama with Fusion Nest, and it all had to do with the clinic ranking article we did earlier. They were not pleased at all with the review, and we got a loooong email in response to my request for information of services at their clinic, detailing their grouse.

Although, they later promised to send the pricing information I wanted, I never got any reply. I guess that they are still miffed at the article.

Regenesis: This was short and sharp. Dr. Norbert Ekeh was in his hometown when I contacted him. He gave me a rundown of the cost of procedures at his clinic, which, I must say, are the cheapest I got so far.

DIFF hospital: The voice of the woman I spoke with was that of a middle aged nurse, who provided as much information as she could and, as usual, said the exact cost for the treatments would only be known when the patient comes in for treatment.

Omni Clinic: I actually felt like the person I spoke to was affronted by the fact that I wanted such information via that telephone. I was told to come to the clinic, if I wanted the information.

Medical Art Center: In spite of several calls to this clinic, I got nothing. I spoke with two nurses on different occasions, who asked me to call back that they were not in a position to offer me the information I sought.

Olive branch: This was pretty easy. In response to our request, we were given a very detailed, and glossy, brochure, highlighting all their services and associated costs. One of the most detailed so far!

Georges Memorial Medical Centre: This too was very painless and stress free. The woman I spoke with on the phone was very friendly, and asked for my email address, promising to send me the information. I had already prepared myself to send her several reminders when she sent the very detailed email, exactly when she’d promised to!

The Ark: The person we spoke to on the phone was very helpful, and disclosed the information we needed.















We really hope this helps. If you have any questions, or want us to check a specific clinic out for you, please holler in the comment section, and we’ll do just that!

Good luck!

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  1. ceecee

    thanks for this info its coming in very handy. pls is d cost of drugs included in d ivf amount?

  2. Ivie

    Great job…..I always look forward to reading your post. Thanks a lot. Can you find the pricing for gynescope port Harcourt. I am considering using bridge clinic or gynescope. Thanks.

    1. Oluwakemi Post author

      Hi Ivie, a member of our community went there yesterday and said their consultation/registration fee is 18k. And 99k for preliminary assessment for you and your spouse. That’s all for now.

  3. Bos

    Great job @oluwakemine and @nicole. it’s a pity there isn’t a lot of information on quite a number of hospitals, in this day and time they should have such prices in black and white like other hospitals abroad do….I like how Olive Branch has taken that approach, transparency is key…..Especially that surrogacy bit, most of them don’t have info, so how sure are we that they have the services?
    End of the day, this is good enough – with forex changes i expect them to even increase as most of these drugs are imported…Wishing us all the resources to actualise our desires……:dust: :dust:

  4. Grace

    This is very very detailed i must say. Thanks for sharing @oluwakemine i am very impressed, God bless you and @nicole for this.

    But come to think of it, this isnt for the poor o(I remember when some people talk about how saving for all these drains them financially and sometimes separation) they are all very very expensive. God have mercy. Most without drugs.

    May God bless us all. HE knows us deep inside.

  5. Oluwakemi Post author

    Grace @iyawodiipo, you are quite right that these procedures are a bit on the high side and without the cost of drugs too. Taking into consideration our economy, its not going to be cheering news for most TTC couples, as they have to save longer.

    Bos @bosa, one would think, being transparent is the way to go, but quite disheartening that they are hoarding so much information that could determine if someone wants to use them or not. Anyways, goodluck to them and their hoarding.

    Linda @ldike, God bless you too.

  6. Akins

    Jehovah shaanu !!! @nicole 7.5M for surrogacy.It is well o.However for info purpose short protocol with George is 750k for procedure while 450k for drugs.

    1. Nicole

      I had to LOL at Jehovah shaanu :haha:. My dear @beebee, that’s even the low end oh! It’s even more like 9m!!! And thanks for the Georges’ clarification :hugs:

  7. Blossom

    Weldone @Kemi. You guys are doing an amazing job. Very detailed information.

    The prices here are so out of this world. It is well o.

  8. Elsie

    let me commend the team @oluwakemine and @nicole for putting this together for us, it makes the group so personal.
    but from the consultation/registration fee i saw up there, i just realised we are having a ball here in Jos o, ours na 2k and thats like for the top fertility clinics here. haven’t gone as far as ivf yet, so i cant say, but i’ll inquire and share to the family

    1. Nicole

      Whaaaaat??! 2k for consultation?! You guys are really enjoying in Jos oh! That’s extremely affordable!

  9. Elsie

    i swear down! tracking is 1,200, that drug that is to boost the follicle was 8k per shot, in January, then that scan that they do too see if the tubes are blocked( am sorry not too good with medical terms) is 45k. i’ll find out about IVF. i know in fertile ground( name of the hospital in Jos,he has alotof patient from out of town.

  10. Oluwakemi Post author

    You Jos mommies are really enjoying o @elsiano. Are you sure, we are in the same Nigeria? Enjoyment na im una dey o.
    Please do get the cost of IVF and preliminary assessment too. Thank you.

  11. Jules

    God bless you guys @Nicole and @oluwakemi immeasurably. I have been keeping tabs waiting for this post. God bless you and bless you and bless you.

  12. Adepeju

    Olive Branch’s pricing information has been updated. Registration and Consultation fee is now 40k, Pre Assessment is 118k, IUI 250k. That’s about the info i have for now.

  13. Nubia

    God bless you Nicole and Oluwakemi for all your hard work. May God reward your labour of love. I can confirm @peejay‘s information regarding Olive Branch. Apart from registration and consultation at 40k and initial assessment at N118, the IVF procedure including medication is N1,280,000. From my chat with Dr Emeka, the dollar rate is not smiling at all. God help us.

    1. Oluwakemi Post author

      Amen o, God save Nubia @nubia. Thanks for the information. Besides, have you seen the PM I sent to you?

  14. Nubia

    Good morning Oluwakemi. Yes i did………tried the reset thing this morning but no joy o. Biko any other option?

  15. Jaykay

    Good work guys. Please which hospital would u recommend for ivf/ iui in abuja. Tx

  16. Ada

    The ARK is 35k for registration and consultation,165k for initial assessment and 950 for IVF excluding drugs.
    it is well o

  17. Jango

    Hello @kemi and @nicole,
    Thanks for the info shared. Between whats short and long process indicated in Olive branch?

    1. Oluwakemi Post author

      Hi Jango, this indicate the stimulation process, where the woman’s ovaries are prompted to produce eggs. Patients are placed on either options based on the outcome of their assessment, which often shows whether they will respond better to a longer period of stimulation or a shorter one.

  18. Jango

    Thanks for the prompt reply. Actually wasnt told about if its going to be short or long the was billed 1.3 after examination owing to the cost of things now. Have not cycled though but have my reservations towards Dr emeka with regrds to some form of arrogance he portrayed. Just need prayers now as i will likely be cycling with them for the first time.

    1. Nicole

      We’ll be praying with you, hun. If you can overlook the mild arrogance, Dr. Emeka is quite good. Wishing you all the best as you cycle :hug:

    2. Oluwakemi Post author

      Jango, so you caught on to that overpowering self confidence. Well like Nicole said, hes quite good and you should just forget about it. Good luck with your cycle and please ask questions, whenever you are not sure or you don’t understand something.

      1. Stephanie Oklam

        Hi Nicole, you didn’t mention ICSI in the list of services above .. Haven’t you heard of it??.. Medimax clinic Abuja is currently on IVF promo of 680k,no hidden charges, then ICSI extra 150k..the promo is Ending Nov 30 ,2017..hubby and I want to take advantage. Do you have any reservations about the hospital pls??

        1. Oluwakemi Post author

          Hello Stephanie, Nicole @nicole knows about ICSI and even though, it has becomes popular for IVF clinics to add it to a conventional IVF cycle, it is still an add -on and not compulsory that a patient try it out. As for Medimax clinic in Abuja, I only know them for their promos and nothing else. While it is nice for clinics to subsidize their costs once in a while, this clinic you have mentioned is always doing promos with no corresponding stats to show success rate. If you are inclined, you may want to save up and go to one of the clinics which has been around for longer with a good track record.

  19. Doyin

    Hello Mrs Oluwakemi, Please I’ll like to be a surrogate mother, anyone interested should send there number here or mail me on lollyniffy@gmail.com.

  20. Toeyheen

    Hello, please i’ll like to find out how the preliminary assessment works at Georges Memorial.. If i had recently done some assessment at my former hospital( i mean i’ve done almost all the assessments from Complete blood count, Fasting Blood Sugar, urinalysis, pelvic scan, transabdominal scan, HSG, Clomid, SFA, Semen Analysis, Urinalysis(for hubby) and nothing was found to be wrong with both of us, would we need to do all these tests all over again?

  21. Toeyheen

    Hello, please i’ll like to find out how the preliminary assessment works at Georges Memorial.. If i had recently done some assessment at my former hospital( i mean i’ve done almost all the assessments from Complete blood count, Fasting Blood Sugar, urinalysis, pelvic scan, transvaginal scan, HSG, Clomid, (SFA, Semen Analysis, Urinalysis for hubby) and nothing was found to be wrong with both of us, would we need to do all these tests all over again if i want to do an IUI?

    1. Nicole

      Toeyheen hun, unfortunately almost all hospitals will require you to get tested again. Only in rare cases would they agree to use results from other clinics.

  22. phil

    Hi kemi.
    I heard that national hospital abuja has reduced there cost of ivf to 350k pls can u help confirm from them. Thanks

  23. flourish

    dear kemi you are doing a great job here ! God bless you

  24. Yetunde

    Thanks Kemi and Nicole for doing this. I am considering IUI and I am very concerned about two thing- a doctor that is experienced and that is available. Secondly- a clinic that with modern methods and modern facilities. Are you guys able to advise me? I already read the post on the fertility clinic rankings but I would appreciate a personal opinion. Thanks everyone and I pray God answers us all.

    1. Oluwakemi Post author

      Hi Yetunde, clinics like, Georgies Memorial, Ark Klinic and Olive branch are some of the best you can pick. Godspeed and baby dust to you.

  25. Joy

    Your Comment…Thanks so much for what you have done.Please Where can I locate Georges,Olive Branch or Ark Hospital in Abuja.

    1. Oluwakemi Post author

      Hi Joy, these clinics are based in Lagos, the first two in Lekki and The Ark is in Dolphin Extension in Ikoyi.

  26. Joy

    Your Comment…Thanks Kemi.I am now left with the Bridge Clinic

    1. Expectant Mother

      It will be nice to know how it went at Bridge? Did you get a BFP?

  27. Bkd

    Hello please I want to add that national hospital Abuja charges 400 for Ivf and 350 for drugs. I wish to do my Ivf there but I don’t know their success rate and professionalism please any Idea ?

    1. Oluwakemi Post author

      Hello Bkd, I personally don’t know anyone, who has used the National Hospital Abuja IVF clinic, so I can’t say for sure.

    2. Oluwakemi Post author

      Hi BKd, thanks for the information. Unfortunately, I can’t give you latest information, as we haven’t had a member, who cycled there in recent times.

  28. Nyce

    You two are wonderful. Thanks for this. Pls some one recommended Deda . do you have any info on the success rate for ivf.

    1. Oluwakemi Post author

      Hi Nyce, Deda ranks as one of the good hospitals in Abuja but I can’t give you their success rates now.
      cc: @nicole

  29. Annabel

    Great job you guys are doing. Welldone! I would like your personal suggestion on a hospital in lagos where I can get personalized attention for my antenatal and delivery. A hospital that is godly too. Thank you

    1. Oluwakemi Post author

      Hi Annabel, you could try, Georgies Memorial medical center for that. Congratulations on your pregnancy.

    2. Nicole

      Thanks Annabel dear! Where is your location? That will help us with the best suggestion for you :yes:

    1. Nicole

      Annabel, in that case, I would recommend the IFPF hospital, in Maryland (Ikorodu Road). I hear they have awesome doctors, are Christian based, and are reasonably affordable :yes:

  30. Annabel

    Thanks a lot Nicole! I know the hospital but thought much about them. Thankso for response and Welldone to your team!

  31. Tbaby

    Hello Nicole,

    Do you know if Medical Art Center offer gender selection? Do you have an idea of the cost of their IVF cycle i(t wasn’t included in your chart above)?


  32. Funvie

    Thumbs up for this great work! just to notify you of the update in prices of Nordica….. Registration and consultation 110k, initial assessment test (blood test for couple)160k, sonohysterogram 60k, if uterus cavity is obstructed, then you will be advised to go for operative hysteroscopy 340k with histology 40k, after which all the test will be reviewed by the doc. cost of IVF/ICSI single cycle is 870k, two cycles 1.26k, three cycles is 1.76k. Now comes to the drug which depends on female factors – age and blood test results. Under 30 years ranges from 500k – 700k, above 30 ranges from 700k- 900k. PICSI/IMSI is 290k (for couples with sperm issues); Acupuncture is 260k for 10 sessions and 35k per session. That’s all

    1. Oluwakemi Post author

      Hi Funvie, thank you for providing these details. So Nordica now offer alternative services like acupuncture. Hmmm!

  33. jaykay

    Diff hospital abuja.
    Registration 70k
    Investigations 327700

    IVF between 1.9m – 3.6m
    Dunno if dat includes drugs

  34. Shittu Anike

    Pls can you help with the status of DEDA Clinic, Grabbo, Medimax, Wellspring, Fertileaid and vine. All situated at Gwarimpa, i check them up on may day for IVF. Pls help shed more light. Tnx

  35. Ronke

    I wonder what surrogacy is like in Nigeria. Please do an article on this if you can. Thank you for your work. Love this blog.

  36. Miriam

    Hello Nicole, I’m interested in beeing a surrogate mother for anyone who is interested. please link me up.

  37. Oluchi

    Thanks for the information. I just bumped into it. I and hubby decided to visit a fertility clinic but since we didn’t know of anyone,I began the search and came across your article.
    I’m downcasted as the prices are wayyyyyy to high for us. We can’t afford it. I have no idea on the next step to take.
    Once again,thanks for the info. It came right on time for me

    1. Nicole

      Oluchi hun, sending you massive hugs. The prices are indeed high. But thankfully, there are ways to fund these. Have you considered the Access Bank financing scheme?

      1. Oluwakemi Post author

        Hello Oluchi, you can also take a look at the Ibidun Ighodalo Foundation. They just opened their portal for the 2017 Infertility Grant Programme and it closes on the 30th of June. You can put in an application there.See the flier below:

      2. Kwase

        Access bank financing scheme is scam, I spent four months running up and down, they kept misplacing my documents and I was reassigned to five different people, I had to go to their office to beg as the time for my ivf was within a week, I broke down in tears as I was told the whole process was updated and I would have to start all over with new forms, go to federal high court for stamp, run after my guarantor for another signature . my equity contribution was taken out from time to time, those fifty naira deductions shorting was annoying. and I had to leave them. It’s a scam. You don’t need that negative energy and time wasting. I am still begging for my guarantor’s 24 blank cheques to be returned to me. Don’t go there, some body! Anybody! My friends came together and I was able to get loans for my failed ivf, I am still paying them. But access bank is a no go area, I was advised by Dr Bero to go there but I was disappointed.

        1. Oluwakemi Post author

          So sad that you went through this experience Kwase and the fact that it ended in a failed cycle too. However, there are people, who have a different story to tell from relating with the Access Bank team.
          cc: @nicole @thewinitiative2

          1. Kwase

            Can I please give the W initiative a trial again?

  38. Oyefunke

    Hello @Nicole @Kemi thanks for the information. Please is their a way to get the recent prices of the Ark and MART? Would really appreciate your help.

      1. Kwase

        Hi, please I will like to know the recent price at the Ark too. Thanks

        1. Oluwakemi Post author

          Hello Kwase, I can give you a range for the IVF at Ark Klinic, you can expect to spend between 1m and 1.3m inclusive of drugs.

          Definitely, you can talk to the @thewinitiative2 people too to make it easier to fund the procedure.

  39. Commy

    Heard st Ives has good success rate , was there few weeks ago and I found out they do promo every year , they just finished the promo for ikoyi branch and starting another one for the opebi branch next month and everything amounts to 850k , this is becos its subsidized by NGOs , haven’t registered yet but am hoping to do so , hope this helps

    1. Oluwakemi Post author

      I hope this helps someone too Commy. However, you’re probably the first person, who is mentioning success and St Ives in the same sentence.

      1. christy

        Hi! Am new on this site! My name is Christy

        I need a surrogate mother.

  40. Dr. Debbie

    @Nicole & Oluwakemi, thanks for your selfless service to our TTC sistas. Just stumbled on ur blog nd I am loving it to bits.
    Please do you know of any IVF facility in Nigeria that offers microsort ( for gender selection) in addition to PGD/PGS?
    I am really desperate but trying not to allow my situation overwhelm me.
    Love, Peace, and Multiple babies to us all.

    1. Nicole

      Dear Dr. Debbie. Thanks so much for your kind words :heart:

      As far as we know, MART is the main one in Lagos that offers gender selection, and even then, they have to send the embryos abroad…so it’s pretty expensive. However, quite a few people I know have done it. And your situation will never overwhelm you! You will be blessed with your triplets soonest, God willing :hugs: :hugs:

    2. Oluwakemi Post author

      Dr. Debbie, like Nicole has pointed out, MART is one clinic offering the procedure. It’s expensive but they do it. Amen to your multiple babies prayer. Stay strong.

  41. Miranda

    I’d love to help someone! I can be your surrogate. I’m a single mother of one. Contact me on Mirandaight@gmail.com

    Serious intending parents only please thank you.

  42. Zinnylove

    Hello All,
    Please I need to make an inform decision to which clinic to attend. My DH and I are AS and after a prenatal that tested negative last year, my hubby was not ready for me to try that process due to emotional attachment i developed for that 12weeks fetus. Now i read the only way is PGD/PGS to select AA/ AS from the fertilized eggs. Please I like to know the following.
    1. What are the procedure to undergo for our condition?
    2. Is IVF inclusive of PDG/PGS?
    3. Which will you advise, screening SS genotypes out of our my eggs and sperm or screening my fertilized eggs or having an eggs from AA donor and fertilized with hubby sperm?
    4. What are likely price range for each of the procedure most feasible at Nordica, Georges, and any other clinic that can do it? Note: good result at first time and cost is important to us.
    5. How many month does it take to finish such process/procedure?
    6. Can you give a rough statistic of people who have undergo PGD/PGS vs IVF and their success rate?
    7. How many of those in (6.) have opted for twin or triplet and achieve the result vs those who opted form but got one instead.

    Please don’t be annoyed by my many questions as i’m newbies in late twenties. I have no issue of conception except that we are both AS.

    thanks and looking forward to your fruitful advice

    1. Oluwakemi Post author

      Hello Zinnylove, I love your approach to this journey. Your questions are absolutely welcome, expect some answers.

  43. Wunmi

    Hello @oluwakemi,

    Sent a mail to you/your team on a the process of getting a surrogate- please reply.

  44. Niki Daniels

    Hi all, Niki here. Thank you Kemi and Nicole for this site. You really don’t know how reading these has blessed me.
    I plan to visit Diff hospital next month. Can you share their success ratings?

    Thank you so much

    1. Jaykay

      Hi Nikki. Diff is nice but expensive. Planning to cycle with them next year too. Baby dust to us all.

      U may want to hook up. Sayid4life@yahoo.com

  45. adetola

    am new here and I need advice on clinic to use for laparoscopic and hyteroscopy surgery and price. the ones I saw is expensive and can’t afford it

    1. Oluwakemi Post author

      Hello Adetola, laparoscopic surgeries are quite expensive, I will not lie and if you want the best, then you have to pay premium.
      The clinics I know are quite on the high side but they are very good. You can try Dr Iketubosin of Georgie’s Memorial Meedical Center or Dr. Alabi of Southshore Women’s clinic.

  46. Victoria

    Any one with information on deda hospital Abuja ivf success rate and cost?

  47. Expectant Mother

    I wish I had stumbled upon this site before I headed out to Bridge Clinic. Their services are so crap, incompetent doctors and nurses. One of their major faults is that the few doctors that are available are swamped with too many clients. Also, if you aren’t a VIP, please don’t go to Bridge, I repeat DO NOT go to Bridge! It seems to be money focused clinic rather than a patient focused clinic. There was a slip whilst administering drugs and none of the doctors or mgt deemed it fit to apologise.

  48. Funky babe

    Hello House. I’m new here. The information provided on this platform have been really helpful.
    I’m aware that St. Ives is starting their annual 50% discount on IVF by February. Pls I would like to know if d discount applies to d drugs as well, and also, what will be d total cost, drugs inclusive.

  49. Commy com my

    Hello funky ,as regard to ur question with st Ives discount price ,yes the price is inclusive of the drugs , total price is 850k,I was there in December , that’s how I know ,hope this helps .

    1. Oluwakemi Post author

      Hello Commy, could you please share your experience at St Ives?

    2. Funky babe

      Thanks Commy. The information is really helpful.

  50. Commy com my

    Hello kemi , my experience at st Ives wasn’t bad all , the nurses are well behaved .the owner Dr okewale is also a great guy, though my cycle had to be cancelled becos my hubby was really sick on the the day of retrieval and we are dealing with male factor infertility . Will probably still go there again when am ready for another cycle , hope this helps .

    1. Oluwakemi Post author

      Glad to know you had a pleasant experience there Commy. Godspeed and sending you lots of baby dust for when you decide to cycle again.

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