Faith’s Pregnancy Diary 105: Cold Revenge!

May 29th, 2013

I have always believed in the calm before the storm. Sometimes, when things are going to smoothly, it’s almost always an indication of something ominous on the way.

Today started of as good as any other Wednesday. I even woke up with more energy than normal. Everything seemed well with my world. Vou is pretty much done with Phillip and Diana’s house, and is putting a few finishing touches, so that by the time Phillip returns from Escravos next week (where he went for work), the house will be ready. Ebika moved into her new home yesterday, even though her boo, Demola, is with his wife in the States, awaiting the birth of their fourth child, but first daughter. Akunna is scheduled to leave for Florida on Friday. I have a little over a week to go before my leave starts…everything was going as well as it could go.

But I should have known it wouldn’t last very long!

It was about 11am this morning, when I got the call from Vou, saying she was in my office car park. My first reaction was pleasant surprise, over this unplanned visit, but as I made my way to the car park, I started having a strange feeling in my stomach…and it wasn’t my baby making trouble.

The minute I saw Vou, I knew all wasn’t well.

“Your friend, Idara, have you spoken to her lately?” Vou asked, after a harried exchange of pleasantries.

I nodded. Even though we had drifted apart after the episode with Phillip, Idara had surprised me with a call over the weekend.

“Did you mention that I was here in Nigeria? That I wasn’t in London?” Vou asked, with a growing sense of frustration.

I remembered telling Idara I was supposed to be helping Vou set up Phillip and Diana’s house, and I suddenly felt sick to my stomach.

“What happened?!” I asked Vou, almost desperate.

She didn’t answer, but instead whipped out her phone, and handed it to me. On the screen was a WhatsApp chat conversation between Diana and Vou. Under the sentence Please tell me she’s lying, was an audio file.

I looked up at Vou, sweat already beginning to roll down my back, and she leaned over to click on the audio file, for me to listen.

“So, what are you saying? That you and Phillip are an item?” came Diana’s voice.

“We were a couple for over 13 years! We were lovers, best friends, prayer partners…everything!” came Idara’s foolish voice.

I felt a wave of rage consume me, and my hand actually started shaking, as I kept on listening.

Diana laughed, a very humourless laugh. “Oh really? Lovers and prayer partners. Where was Akunna in all of this?”

“She was there. She knew about me…but also knew that what Phillip and I had was far stronger than anything she had with him!”

“I suppose the next thing you will tell me is that you were still together when I came into the picture,” came Diana’s voice, which was very flat now.

“To be fair to Phillip, we weren’t sleeping with each other. I guess because of distance. But we were together in every other way.”

“Let me guess. As prayer partners, ba?”

“Exactly. I was the first person he talked to about everything. Before he proposed to you, I knew. Even when he was worried about marrying a widow, I was the one he talked to about it.”

Diana laughed again. “I see. Interesting.”

“The last time he was here…the night Faith arrived from Nigeria…”

“You were here that night!” Diana interjected.

“Yes. I was here. And Phillip took me back to his hotel with him. If it hadn’t been for Faith and her friend, we would have slept together that night!”

There was a long, pained silence, before Diana asked quietly. “Did Faith know about you two?”

“She claims not to…but I’m quite sure she did. Everyone knew we were a couple.”

Aaaaaaaargh! If it was my phone, I might have slammed it on the ground in anger. The nerve of this woman!!!


“The next day, I invited him over to my place, because I figured we would have more privacy there. And he came. He came because he also wanted it!” Idara continued.

“So…so you slept together…”

“No. Faith and your sister decided to stalk him to my house, and they bullied him away. That was just a few days to your wedding!”

“Why are you telling me this now?” Diana asked.

“I have wanted to tell you for a while, but I knew your sister wouldn’t let me near you. But I found out that she’s in Nigeria at the moment…so I decided to take advantage of the opportunity.”

“And what did you plan to achieve by letting me know?” Diana asked, her voice barely a whisper.

“I wanted you to be aware of the beast you are married to. I wasn’t the only woman Phillip cheated on Akunna with. For all the years he was with her, there were always at least 1 or 2 other women, steady! A leopard can never change its spots, and he will most surely do it to you!”

“Thank you for being kind enough to let me know.” Diana said, “But I think you should leave now!”

“I haven’t finished! Did you know that…”

“I SAID LEAVE!!!” Diana shouted, so loudly and furiously, that I could hear the sound of footsteps hurrying to her, probably her medical team rushing to find out what, or whom, was agitating her.

At that moment, the audio file ended.

“Read the rest of the chat.” Vou said, her own voice full of frustration.

Reading it, I saw Vou’s response was; Diana, pick your phone. This is not something we should chat about.

So, it’s true. She’s not telling lies. You knew about this. You and Faith intercepted him from another woman’s house, only days before you allowed me make a vow of forever to him.

Diana, it’s not like that. You have to listen to me. I just tried calling you again. Please answer your phone, so we can talk.


Diana, please! Answer your phone.

But there was no response from Diana. I looked up at Vou, my face a pot porri of frustration, worry, anger, and distress.

“I spoke with our older sister this morning. Diana has given instructions not to allow anybody at all to her room. None of my siblings have been able to see her today.” Vou answered. “I have to leave tonight.”

“But I thought you were supposed to wait for Phillip to come back from Escravos…” I lamented.

“Faith, if your silly brother had not created this mess, we wouldn’t be even having this discussion. Let him manage the house the way it is. I have to go make things right with my sister!”

Long after Vou had gone, I couldn’t get the episode out of my mind. It wasn’t even worry about the possible end of Phillip’s marriage that overwhelmed me. No, the primary thing I felt was RAGE! If Idara was a few feet away from me, I might have stabbed her to death, with a blunt pencil. So enraged was I!

She had served her revenge the best possible way…cold.




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  1. Grace

    Na wa o… well i am not surprised she seemed to forgive too easily

  2. Bos

    A woman scorned oh, she is so evil…..I’m sorry i cant blame only Phillip here, what kind of low self esteem does Idara have to be hanging on to a man 13years while he has others? May God give us the wisdom to bring up our sons and daughters right. Poor Diana, she doesnt need all this.

  3. Henrietta

    Oh my God!!!, this Idara sef, what does she hope to gain by this anywaes, i pray this ends well oo. Honestly if she had been my friend, id cut all ties with her, dis babe can kill now.

  4. Hephziba

    ooooooo Faith! I hope you give her fire!!! This is sooooo annoying! She is obviously not going to achieve anything by doing this. She has just caused wahala for heself.

  5. Grace

    Am so surprised at Idara’s action . I know she was so hurt but again to let Diana know?haba that is so cold/wicked of her.
    Now besides Akunna,and Akunna’s Mom,she is on my hate list now.. :(

  6. Koco

    In my daughter’s words, ‘I DIDN’T SEE THIS COMING!!!’.
    Idara mbok kpong Philip ye Diana o!!!!!

  7. Ama

    This Idara girl is like a stubborn fly!! She can’t go away! I can’t believe the yeye stupid girl. Na wa o!

  8. Eka

    She’s a woman scorned…and he was her first too. I don’t know why folks expect that she would be let off easy when she was in with Philip for the long haul.

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