Couple Trying For Their Second Child Ends Up Pregnant With Four Babies

“I wanted a girl and a boy, and we could be done and that would be that,” Cook said. “It’s astonishing, I still don’t believe it.”

The Cook family already have a 3-year-old boy named Alex, but received a major surprise during the ultrasound of what they thought was their second child.

“We were looking at the ultrasound and realized there was more than one little yolk sack,” Keith Cook said. “There was four of them.”

Two boys and two girls, and the parents already have names for them: Michael, Benjamin, Halie and Ellie. They were conceived naturally without fertility drugs. It’s not impossible, but the odds show it is improbable.

“I believe it’s one in 700,000,” Keith Cook said.

The family recently moved back to New Hampshire to be closer to other family members, but it is a struggle. Corrie Cook is in the hospital until she gives birth and Keith Cook is working and preparing the best he can.

“Right now we’re living with my grandmother so a home is also high on the priority list,” Keith Cook said.

Friends and family have stepped up to help, and the couple are grateful for their kindness. “When I say I’m going to have five children, it still puts me into shock,” Corrie Cook said.

The support has been tremendous, but when you need four of everything, it can be overwhelming. The Cook family said they’re just trying to take things a day at a time.

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